Breathe New Life
Into Your
Old Computer
Computers suffer from one of the same problems as our highways, bottlenecks.

There are bottlenecks in computers too. The biggest bottleneck in today's computer is the mechanical hard disk drive. When Internet was slow and our computer was new, the speed of the hard drive didn't matter much. Now that high speed Internet is everywhere, web sites and program developers have taken advantage of the increased speed, and flood us with lots of pictures and video. All this information has to be cached to the hard drive which is a relatively slow mechanical device.

Enter the SSD or Solid State Drive. SSDs are much faster and efficient and formally were very expensive. As with most things electronic, the price comes way down eventually. Your desktop or laptop computer purchased a few years ago would have cost a lot more it if it had come with a solid state drive. It can now be upgraded for a mere $150.

This upgrade has several benefits. The first is speed. The computer will boot up in much less time and seem peppy when starting programs and viewing large content and if you have high speed Internet you will see a boost in Internet page loading too. The second benefit, and maybe even more important, is longevity. Mechanical hard drives are destined for failure. They simply wear out. Spinning at 5 to 10 thousand revolutions per minute with floating heads that must move back and forth from track to track to read and write the data, it is a mystery to me that they work at all. If your computer is over two years old, the hard drive is on borrowed time. I have seen some last over five years but not many. The solid state drive has no moving parts so there is nothing to wear out. The third benefit which is very important to laptops is they use much less energy so your battery will last longer. They also produce much less heat which helps all types of computers and they are SILENT! You will NOT be disappointed.

Bottom line. Installing a SSD makes any computer faster, more efficient and much less likely to fail. If your computer is working and you are satisfied with the current operating system, I will upgrade it to a 250 GB solid state drive for $150 and guarantee it for 1 year. No data or settings will be lost. It will be exactly the same except faster. If the Solid State Drive fails within the first year I will replace it for free. As with any computer it is your responsibility to backup data you can't afford to lose. This upgrade will include preventive maintenance like cleaning the dust out of the cooling system, basic cleaning and checking for virus and malware infection.

Upgrading to a newer operating system is possible for an additional cost.